Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of purchasing BiAloe Pure Powder:

  1. We guarantee that BiAloe Pure Powder will be received by our customers in a fresh, dry, powdery condition. Once the outer package has been removed, and the seal opened on the vacuum bag inside, the full responsibility for preserving dryness and freshness thereafter falls to the consumer.
  2. Due to the nature of this product, returns will only be accepted for a refund for the reason of being received not in compliance of item #1 above. Please be absolutely certain that this is the product you want to use before purchasing it.
  3. If your purchase of the BiAloe Pure Powder is for the purpose of muscle testing the unopened container to determine it’s appropriateness for your particular health challenge, please purchase the Neuro Nutrimens capsules instead. As you will see below, they may be returned for refund within a limited time in an unopened, as-new condition.

Terms and Conditions of purchasing Neuro Nutrimens or Endocrine Nutrimens:

  1. Neuro Nutrimens and Endocrine Nutrimens may be returned, postpaid, for a refund of the purchase price if:
    1. The bottle and protective shrink wrap have not been opened or otherwise damaged, and,
    2. Less than 7 days have elapsed from the date of receipt until the date that they are posted for return as evidenced by USPS records.
    3. The product was shipped to and returned from an address within the United States. International sales are final.
  2. Only the product price (and any Idaho sales tax) will be refunded on return–not packaging, shipping  or special handling costs.

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