AloEssence and Your Extraordinary Health

All thinking people desire excellent health.

thinking personNo arguments about that statement–right? Can you even imagine an intelligent person saying “I’d like to have a crappy immune system, weak, brittle bones, poor vision, indigestion, low energy, crippling diabetes, arthritis and be in pain all the time, please”?

Not likely!

Yet, across the human population, more than 95% are thinking and acting precisely in such a way to bring about that poor state of health that no-one wants.

Why is that?

There are many reasons. Among these are:

  • Funding for research is always profit-motivated rather than altruistic and humane.
  • People are overwhelmed by too much information that distracts us from our own well-being.
  • Both public and private schools place no or too little emphasis on teaching accurate natural health principles.
  • People are attracted to “easy,” “convenient” and “bargain,” and therefore tend to “grab a burger” rather than invest their time and money in preparing a nutritious green salad or blending a green smoothie.

“Yeah. So …?”

So, there are two possible solutions to this challenge:

  1. Change the behaviors of humanity,
    (like that will happen …)
  2. Seek out the very few profit-motivated, simple and convenient nutritional products that fill in the health gaps left by our societal tendencies, then educate enough of the more advanced thinkers so that the knowledge begins to filter down to the less informed.

Introducing BiAloe®

BiAloe® is the current state-of-the-art Aloe inner leaf gel super-food supplement that provides amazing structural and functional support to humans and animals.

Dr. Santiago Rodriguez knew the limitations of the original Carrington Laboratories processing plant in Costa Rica only too well.

It was his ‘baby.’

When it became apparent that Carrington Laboratories would not be financially able to implement his breakthroughs and advancements in Aloe processing technology at that facility, Dr. Rodriguez parted with Carrington.

He then created Lorand Laboratories in order to produce the highest quality, much more effective Aloe inner leaf gel product that his research had proven to be possible.

Based on his environmental research, he selected an island in the south China sea as an ideal Aloe plantation location. The choice has proven to produce some of the highest quality Aloe vera barbadensis  on Earth.

Because this new Aloe product is able to provide the body with much higher levels of bio-available Acemannan, it was named BiAloe®.

But progress is not without it’s challenges.

One of the characteristics of BiAloe® that makes it the best in the world is it’s solubility in water. This characteristic also presents the greatest challenge.

Left in the open, it quickly absorbs environmental moisture.

Humidity from the air is quickly absorbed, causing it to clump and harden.

Due to this characteristic, special processing and packaging measures must be taken to protect it.

Packaging the pure powder in jars to be opened again and again over time has proven to be problematic.

One solution has been to blend it with dry brown rice flour and encapsulate it.

There is one outstanding product that is protected in this way.

To learn about this product, and where you can get it, plug yourself into this
Aloe Availability Information Group



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