AloEssence and Your Extraordinary Health

All thinking people desire excellent health.

thinking personNo arguments about that statement–right? Can you even imagine an intelligent person saying “I’d like to have a crappy immune system, weak, brittle bones, poor vision, indigestion, low energy, crippling diabetes, arthritis and be in pain all the time, please”?

Not likely!

Yet, across the human population, more than 95% are thinking and acting precisely in such a way to bring about that poor state of health that no-one wants.

Why is that?

There are many reasons. Among these are:

  • Funding for research is always profit-motivated rather than altruistic and humane.
  • People are overwhelmed by too much information that distracts us from our own well-being.
  • Both public and private schools place no or too little emphasis on teaching accurate natural health principles.
  • People are attracted to “easy,” “convenient” and “bargain,” and therefore tend to “grab a burger” rather than invest their time and money in preparing a nutritious green salad or blending a green smoothie.

“Yeah. So …?”

So, there are two possible solutions to this challenge:

  1. Change the behaviors of humanity, (like that will happen …) or,
  2. Seek out the very few profit-motivated, simple and convenient nutritional products that fill in the health gaps left by our societal tendencies, then educate enough of the more advanced thinkers so that the knowledge begins to filter down to the less informed.

One such product was created by Carrington Laboratories.” When Carrington Labs was dissolved, their Aloe plantation, processing equipment and proprietary process were purchased by a South American company.

Recently this company has brought the identical product back on the market–except under the name “Verapol Premium.”

Verapol Premium 30 g.

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We could bore you with the data that Verapol Premium is :

  • 30% Polymeric Acetylated Mannans
  • Average Molecular Weight 2000 kDa
  • Certified Kosher Parve, Certified Organic leaves
  • ISO 9000

… but who, other than a few biological scientists would give a rats behind?

Better that we tell you the interesting stuff

  • Verapol is “Immune Enhancing”* It has been shown to dramatically make a weak immune system stronger and an over-active immune system less active.
    This means that your body will be better prepared to ward off any threats, and recover faster from any that manage to make it through your defenses.
    . . .
  • “Aids in Digestion” * It seems to act like an excellent pre-biotic, supporting beneficial stomach and gut life.
    This means that your stomach and gut will not only feel better, it will be better able to convert what you eat into essential fuel.
    . . .
  • “Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels”* Since it provides excellent support for the structures and functions of the body, the body is better able to regulate its own essential processes.
    This means you have one less thing to worry about as you go about your day.

*Claims based on daily intake of 160 mg of Verapol™ Premium.
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

While we are on the subject of claims, if you research this product under the original Carrington Laboratories trade name, you will uncover more claims than you could ever read about it being the magical cure for danged near every disease that I am not even allowed to mention here. Please realize that is only a mis-interpretation of observations. If people become very healthy, all their diseases are NATURALLY overcome by their inherent immune and endocrine systems.

Supplements do not cure diseases. Healthy bodies cure diseases.

Will it help YOU?

Only you can answer that through the use of your intelligence. Just give it a fair trial. Consuming just one jar in accordance with label instructions while carefully observing “before,” “during” and “after” will give you all the proof that any intelligent person needs.

Buy Verapol

[** We have had to remove the familiar name due to it’s trademark being picked up by another company.]

Verapol Premium Powder - Carrington laboratories inc

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